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Variable record fetching

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I am working on converting Informix database to Postgre. I have one

question for fetching records using PostgreSQL. The record I am fetching

is a variable size text string. Before fetching the record, a

preallocated static buffer size will have to be declared beforehand in

the declaration section. Since the record sizes vary a lot, instead of

using the static buffer, is there a dynamic way to fetch these records?

Informix (Oracle has the similar feature) has the locator variable and

the server will allocate the buffer if you initiate the locator to

accommodate the record. The application then checks the locator size

(record.loc_bufsize) to dynamically allocate a buffer to fetch it out

and free the locator buffer. Does Postgre have any way to pre-tell the

size of returning record? Thanks.

Shujun Huang

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